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The fastest, most cost effective way to book and travel around the world. Leveraging technology to bring the best prices and fast booking.

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Change the way you find - book and experience travel.

We believe every system should be transparent.
Every payment is made using the ethereum blockchain.

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Jiseung Roh

Front-end Developer

Rajesh Jayaraman


Scarlett Sieber

Partnership, Advisor


Project Manager, Asia

Ryan Yanchuleff

System Architect

Nick Gupta

Equity Analyst

Wanjiao Nan

Banking Adviser, Asia

Claire Zhang

Resourses Adviser, Asia

Luke McWright

CEO, Co-founder

Sultan Soufi

COO, Co-founder

Wesley Baker

Board Advisor

Tom D.

Senior Software Developer

Maria Martinez

Advisor, New York

Tony Brown

Management, Advisor

Victoria Zuffranieri

Marketing Coordinator

Brandi Thomas

Risk Management, Advisor

Kent Carstater

Chief Financial Controller

Dan Gallanar

Business Development

Hiromi Oki

HR Director



Joss M.

Concept Designer

Brian Stupp

Customer Experience Manager

Paul Siccha

Content Marketing Manager

Silvia Kim

Payment Operations Manager

Jaeshin Ha

Global Recruiter

Edward Wu

Security Specialist

Tricia Lin

Wealth Advisor

Charlotte Ramsby

Strategic Planner

Kyle Kamka

Board Member

Token Sale

Dec 7 — Dec 21

Early Adopters
1 ETH - 5999 LTO

Dec 25 — Jan 7

1 ETH - 3750 LTO

January 10th

1 ETH - 3000 LTO

Discover Lotus

A worldwide decentralized Travel Agency


What is next for lotus?

January 2017
Idea and Concept creation
October 2017
Token and website beta testing.
Pre-sale & ICO
December 2017
Lotus Token Pre-Sale and distribution of LTO tokens
January 2018
The official Lotus multi device wallet is released under MIT license for community use.
MVP Launch
February 2018
Lotus MVP platform launch.
June 2018
Strategic Partnerships and MOU's.
August 2018
Listing on new exchange platforms. Cruise meeting with LTO holders.
October 2018
Lotus decentralized platform. +40000 Hotels and airlines in official launch.
November 2018
Lotus debit card and rewards system release.
1Q 2019
New strategic Partnerships, meetings, blockchain-based corporate management.

Lotus Concept

Lotus is the easiest way to book online. Log on to track, monitor, and Check In all your bookings from one beautiful interface backed by bank level security.

MVP Coming Soon

Dashboard preview
Lotus dashboard on a laptop

string string public name = "Lotus Token Inc"; \
string public symbol = "LTO"; \ uint public decimals = 18; \
address private = owner; \
uint public cliff = 0; \
uint private vestingSchedule = 30 days;
address public vc1Wallet4Pct;
address public vc2Wallet4Pct;
address public vc3Wallet4Pct;

Smart Contract on Github

Find our Smart Contract under the MIT license on Github.


Lotus Token ICO - Step 1/4

Please note - contributions can be made using BTC or ETH.
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